To address the challenges sketched out in the project background, the project will map Danish bio-physical and socio-cultural assets (WP1+2), conduct detailed case studies of successful and unsuccessful cases to identify important dimensions in business model development (WP3), explore barriers and opportunities for the creation of provenance food products in collaboration with regional stakeholders (WP3+4), and facilitate the development of Danish provenance food products (WP5). Research and innovation goals are (1) address the knowledge gap beyond farm scale by mapping bio-physical, cultural and economic factors relevant to development of provenance foods in Denmark, (2) provide a publicly available ‘Atlas of Opportunities’, integrating the results of the mapping process, thus enhancing the potential for developing provenance food products (3) to provide input to the development of business models for provenance food (4) facilitate the coordination between municipalities, producers and private enterprises, ensuring alignment of development of new products with development policies (5) Initiate development of prototype provenance food products originating from the municipalities